LiteBulb(TH王RA) Interview (English Version)

Written by Tokunaga KizamuBooty Tune)


If you ask the name of footworker who has been dancing on the many stage of the world, the answer will be LiteBulb. 

He is one of the best foot workers from Chicago & a leader of Chicago's finest footwork crew "THRA"(THE ERA).His join of the Hyperdub's 10th anniversary closing tour in Japan became a big news for Japanese Juke/Footwork fans.

Fortunately, we had a chance to interview him.

It's pleased to hear your join of Hyperdub Japan tour for its10th anniversary.  It becomes a hot topic among Japanese Juke/Footwork community that you and DJ Spinn come and join to Japan tour. Do you know  about Juke/Footwork scene in Japan? 

LiteBulb: Yeah! I'm very excited as well along with the rest of the guys from THRA about coming over to Japan, It's history in the making. In all I'm very aware of the Japanese footwork scene, I first heard about it from Jaron in 2012 but soon after I saw more of the movement for myself, I know about the very popular event Battle train Tokyo that I plan on competing in for the first time and also about Booty Tune records, Shinkaron and the whole movement they helped cultivate, I actually got a chance to meet D.J.April, Weezy and D.J.Fullatono this summer when they visited Chicago! Even initiated weezy into THRA while he was here! It was amazing to be apart of.

What is your idea about Juke/Footwork scene has been spreading over the world.

LiteBulb: it's a great feeling to know that after 20 years something we all love to do is just now reaching new heights it's never seen before!  it's inspiring and influential to me and really helps our determination in pushing the culture even harder than before!. It actually needed to spread to give it life again seeing as though the scene in Chicago grew smaller Over the years it meant to happen this way!.


How did you know Juke/Footwork Scene at your country? 

LiteBulb: Well if you were from the City or suburban areas of Chicago you knew about the Juke/Footwork scene. I was practically raised in it, I didn't always know how to do it though lol....I really caught on to the scene while in my sophomore year of high school back when I was apart of a dance Troupe called "3rd Dimension" now called "The Empire" ran by Latisha "Tish" Waters, I was only interested in foot working but I had to learn choreography to actually perform on stage and events held locally throughout the city just so I could practice and perform footwork!. In due time Tish introduced me to "T.Y" from Terra Squad who invited me to come tryout for the group, from there I  joined my first battle clique and became apart of the scene indefinitely, had to work my way up the ranks though lol hahaha

Who was impressed by among footwork scene? 

LiteBulb: I was impressed by a lot of the Legends of Footwork, Rashad, Spinn, A.G, Steve-o and Tristan of "Terra Squad" can't forget Que, Pooh, Deryon and Eli from  "WolfPak". Two other mentors I admired was Hott from the Tunnel and the creator Ant Brown.... All talented individuals and highly regarded in the Footwork Scene.

Please tell us about Terra Squad.

LiteBulb: Terra Squad" or T.S is the Legendary Footwork Crew from the Southside of Chicago. They really helped innovate Footwork and had a powerful impact on many of the styles you see today alongside WolfPaK, The Tunnel, The Dungeon and many others from back in the day. This also was my first Battle clique I joined and still pay homage to today. Back when I was apart of the Crew we were a larger group of at least 50 members and we used dominated the Footwork scene as a family. After certain members left including myself at the time, The group sort of fell back which explains why T.S is very different now from what it was but still represents one of the greatest footwork crews around Chicago!. 

Whats impressed you abount Juke/Footwork culture?

LiteBulb: Honestly what's truly impressive about The Juke/Footwork scene is that it's continuously spreading worldwide.... not only the music but the real love of the dance that we appreciate!.  Even you guys sending this article all the way from Japan to hear and ask questions about our culture is impressive, groundbreaking in fact... It's unbelievable, this article is history in itself!.

What is most important thing to dance Footwork?

LiteBulb: In my opinion, the most important thing is to be confident in yourself and personality to even pursue the craft!. Once you've realized that, you can begin learning the core basics and fundamentals of Footwork and how to utilize them in combinations and sequences, not routines... After you learn your history anyway you can to set a foundation for yourself but most of all, Love the music.. It's an extension of you and your personality!..

What was the differences between the time you met footwork and nowadays. Any changes do you find?

L: Well I came around in early 2006 so the big difference would have to be the accessibility of Footwork music and dance via The Internet( YouTube, Social Media) The Pace of FootWorking was already fast paced by the time I came around, so it was already set to Evolve once the web came into play.

We do respect DJ Rashad. Any memories with DJ Rashad please?

LiteBulb: Too many memories to even begin remembering them all, I was always around giving my input on Traxx and just being around him. He really saw Me as one of the best and him and Spinn always made sure I was on my A Game hahaha but to sum it all up,  my greatest memory would have to be touring the world with Rashad and Spinn, sometimes I was the only dancers that came along, so it was special for me! We always had some crazy inside joke we ended up laughing at on every tour, especially when we were all together, too funny.. We took over stages together though, from London all the way back home in Chicago!.

Could you talk a little bit about how you got involved in it THRA?

LiteBulb: Well it started back in 2012, I departed ways with Terra Squad and started a crew with my close friends Chief Manny, Ste-lo, Dempsey and City in order to push our culture and what was passed down to us from the originators to the next level. We were called "Nu Era" in the beginning.   A couple years later after returning from performing at the London Barbican Festival with R.P Boo in 2014 I was asked by Spinn to not only tour again but that I could bring another Footworker of my choice!. So instead of Going under the name "Teklife" we recreated our own crew and brand called "THRA" to go along with the "Teklife" Crew to forefront the dance and music together as one!. We eventually had a meeting and pulled in P-Top from "Goon Squad" a crew located on the North Side of Chicago. He was the missing link including videographer Wills Glasspiegel given all the work I've done in the past with both of them.We Footwork, we also put together our own Management team and produce our own art and videos... We do it all! We are THRA! We're really on a mission spread what we love the correct way...

Please tell us future activity/work of you and also THRA?

LiteBulb: Well our future is bright! from now  going into 2015 we're actually preparing a movie/stage show to be streamed from our YouTube channel and prepped for touring and performing globally. It will really capture the essence of footwork and what some of our everyday experiences are. Really giving people another inside perspective of what every Footworker at some point in their lives went through. Aside from our own projects we'll also be collaborating with our partners "Teklife" on videos, tours and events/stage shows as well. Be on the lookout for us to be featured on several projects very soon!. Stay tuned!

Could you tell us 5 to 10 of your favorite footworker with your comments if possible? 

LiteBulb: My Top 5-10 Footworkers would have to be Ant Brown, A.G, Que, Hott, Steve-O, Tristan, Pooh, Eli and of course Deryon... I learned various different styles from each one of them but Ant Brown, A.G, Steve-o, Que and Pooh are the most influential because of how they each elevated and helped me perfect my craft. A.G introduced me to all of the guys I named before so I give him the most respect of them all. I learned the original moves from Anthony Brown in my later years to help push me to another level that I'm at now in my eyes!. Great teachers of the craft

Could you tell us your 10 of favorite Juke/Footwork tracks with your comments if possible?

LiteBulb: Finally someone asked!. Lolbs but my top 12 Couldn't just do 10...My favorite footwork Traxx would be as followed: 

1.) DJ Rashad - Let U Know (DJ Rashad "Double Cup")

2.) DJ Rashad - iPod (DJ Rashad "TEKLIFE Vol.1 Welcome to the Chi")

3.) DJ Spinn - Deep13 (VA "FreshMoon Presents: 808k V.1")

4.) RP Boo - GET'M (Unreleased)

5.) DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - Ghost (DJ Rashad "Just A Taste")

6.) DJ Spinn - Let Me Baby (DJ Spinn "TEKLIFE Vol.2 What You Need")

7.) DJ Rashad - I Don't Give A Fuck (DJ Rashaad "Double Cup")

8.) DJ Spinn & Taso - Burn Dat Kush (VA "NEXT LIFE")

9.) DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad - Sunshine13 (Unreleased)

10.) DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - Who Da Coldest (DJ Rashad"ITZ NOT RITE")

11.) DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & DJ Manny - O.T.S  (VA "NEXT LIFE")

12.) DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad - Welcome to My World (Unreleased)

These are my all time favorite Traxx from back when I started to now, I picked them simply because of the energy they bring to the floor and my spirit... Some are smooth and poetic but others are hardcore with jaw dropping baselines I can intricately move my feet and body too, it's the reason I love what I do!. 

You are so popular in Juke/Footwork scene in Japan. Please give the message to Japanese fans who are looking forward to your Japan tour.

LiteBulb: Really??? I had no idea I was so popular and had real fans like that, I'm really humbled and appreciative of the love and support from all over Japan from each one of you guys, it pushes me and my team to go even harder, seriously!. So to all the fans supporting THRA and our movement out in Japan.... Just be ready to have the time of your life when we get there! Have your Works together and be ready to get it in all night with THRA x TEKLIFE, Meet us by the Spearkers!.. We'll have special gifts for our fans as well!. Limited supply THRA LifeStyle 4 Life!. R.I.P Rashad & Miah

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