DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn 90分MIX動画

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ヨーロッパツアー中のDJ RashadとDJ Spinnが10月28日(昨日)に[Just Jam 028] に出演した様子がUSTREAMで見れます。


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シカゴフットワーク 基本ステップレクチャー動画公開


(シカゴ)フットワークは、EXILEのUSAが現地に取材に行くほど(DVD+本「DANCE EARTH」2008年10月10日)特異なダンスカルチャーとして知られるが、基本ステップは以外に単純明快。

製作したのは、TRIBE NATIONAL というクルーのボス Rashad HarrisTRIBEの拠点はBattle Grounsというオフィス。
Battle Grounsは、DJ RashadSpinn, Earl, Taye を始めとするGettotechnitianzクルーや、ダンスチームFootworKINGzを世に送り出したシカゴで最も重要な場所。
そこで今一番ホットなダンサー、Rashad Lewis (通称King Rashad)※シカゴ界隈でRashadという名前は確認されてるだけで3人いる


TRIBE NATIONALが製作したフットワークバトル満載のYoutubeチャンネルはこちら 

Chicago footwork basic tutorial movie just uploaded on VIMEO by TRIBE NATIONAL known as Chicago Footwork dance Crew. Footwork is a kind of novel dance style and it’s becoming a popular topic in Japanese break dancers in these days.

Footwork is known as a unique dance culture which originated in Chicago southside and westside. We can easily remenber that one of the dancer of EXILE* reported about Footwork culture several years ago. At first, it looks like so difficult to dance for us, but surprisingly that basic step is simple. Chi-town dancers make it extremely fast, and then they let it so amazing.

* EXILE is the very famous and popular R&B group in japan containing two vocalists and six break dancers.

This movie was made by Rashad Harris and his crew of TRIBE NATIONAL. They have used to dance at the battle place called “Battlegroundz” in southside of Chicago. Battlegroundz is one of the most yearning place for Japanese Juke/Footwork fans and turning out so many Ghetto DJs and Footwork dancers, for example DJ Rashad, Spinn, Earl, Taye of Gettotechnitianz and the member of FootworKINGz and so many famous dancers.

In this movie, Rashad Lewis a.k.a. King Rashad who is one of the hottest Footworker, he teaches basic dance tuitorial in detail for beginners!

BIG shout out and respect for TRIBE NATIONAL!!!!

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